Come check out our Locally Roasted, Fair-Trade, Organic Coffee, and our delicious grab and go sandwiches and smoothies!

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405 Seward Ave NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49504, United StatesWithin the Bridge Street Market

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Mon-Sat : 7am - 5pmSunday: 7am - 3pm

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We are now serving a delicious assortment of bagels to help satisfy your desires! ● Everything● Plain● Blueberry

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Seasonal Specials


Pistachio Vanilla Latte

With the subtle aromatic sweetness of vanilla and nutty nuances of pistachio, this creamy latte will gently ease you into spring's warm embrace. Come in and try it for yourself!


Matcha Tea Latte

If you're looking for a coffee alternative that improves concentration, provides energy without the crash, and supports the immune system with a plentitude of antioxidants and vitamins A, C, and K, then look no further! And it's tasty too!

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No Regrets

Why not lean to the future with no regrets? Rich dark chocolate and spicy cayenne in a smooth double shot of organic espresso and silky milk will leave you with no regrets!  


Sweet on You

Treat your love or your sweet self this raw sugar topped latte of a double shot organic espresso in vanilla and caramel reminiscent of a crunchy topped crème brulee. 


Bring it On

Be ready for anything with this double shot horchata latte with hints of cinnamon, vanilla and coconut!



Let our sacrifices be for our loves, not our coffee – this spicy/sweet cappuccino packs a lot of flavor into 12oz with creamy caramel, cayenne and cinnamon! 


Stella Rose Latte

A tea latte as lovely as its name, we pour silky smooth steamed milk into rose-infused Earl Grey tea. Take a break to just be while you enjoy this beauty.  


Dream of Me

Sipping this creamy caramel and white chocolate double shot mocha will have you dreaming of all the best things in life.  


Cold Brew

Our 24-hour cold steeped cold brew is the best of both worlds. Highly caffeinated but with low acidity, meaning it is easy on the stomach. *see if you can detect the smooth notes of cherry and chocolate*


Roadtrip Breakfast

Who doesn’t love an adventure? This hearty sandwich is perfect to hold while you travel – scrambled egg & veg mix, cheese, ham (or bacon) all warm and melty inside of your choice of either a toasted butter croissant or a bagel and wrapped for eating easily on the go!  


Hello Honey

For those who want to infuse their day with a sweet dance of honey, vanilla, and cinnamon (our version of the classic "con miel").

Find Us

We are located inside the Bridge Street Market, which is a great place to find basic and specialty items. Covered parking is free for an hour in the ramp attached to the Market, which is accessible off Seward Ave.


Mon - Sat: 7am to 5pmSunday: 7am - 3pmOur holiday hours are the same as Bridge Street Market's.