Past and Purpose of Tillie Ruth’s

Tillie’s daughter Mary Ruth founded Mayan Buzz Café with partners in 2013. Since then, she has moved toward acquiring her own café, rebranding the Mayan Buzz in the Bridge Street Market in honor of her mother, Tillie Ruth, who passed on in March 2020 at the full age of 94. Tillie was the most avid coffee and tea drinker, and no matter the time of day or night, was always ready to share a cup with anyone who happened to drop by. The door was always open, and everyone was treated as a close friend.  

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    The memory of Tillie saying, “Let’s invite them in for a cup of coffee!” rings on in the memories of her dear ones. Tillie was very proud of her daughter Mary Ruth for owning and running a coffee shop, and came for coffee and a sandwich as often as she could.  
    Tillie Ruth’s baristas radiate friendly engagement as they skillfully craft beautiful and healthful coffee & tea beverages for our friends. Mary Ruth’s goal is to honor her mother’s memory in her coffee shop, by embracing the same qualities as Tillie’s kind warmth for community, gratitude for the earth and her delight in the best drink life has to offer.   
    We invite you to Tillie Ruth’s Coffee & Tea to enjoy a cup. We look forward to meeting you soon!. 


Our Team

Our team consists of a creative bunch of individuals who are not only talented baristas, but artists, musicians, dancers, entrepreneurs, and all-around compassionate & passionate souls.


Mary Ruth Rose


Mary was a loyal tea drinker before her adventures with coffee began in 2011. During a tasting with Craig at Grand Rapids Coffe Roasters, she learned to appreciate the deep and subtle complexity of flavor and delight housed within an expertly roasted coffee bean. Since then she has been learning the craft of running a business that values its employees, seeks to build quality relationships with its chains of supply, and strives to provide a sense of joy, community, and delicious abundance for all who visit. Hers is an expertise one gains from years of experience, dedication, and thoughtful discernment, and she continues to grow and explore what it is to live and do work in accordance with one's values. 
Likes reading, exploring, making morning pour-overs, writing poetry, and hiking in the woods.
Favorite drink: The Sacrifice (semi-sweet cappuccino with a bit of spice)



Marketing Director/Barista

Claire hails from Petoskey, Mi. Studied classical ballet and had a career as a professional ballet dancer all over the east coast. Touring and performing throughout the U.S. Now teaches ballet locally in Grand Rapids.Has a special love for Cubano espresso and pour-over coffees. Has learned to ride motorcycles recently and loves getting out on the road!



Product Manager/Barista

Alex Walma: the barista, the musician, the mycologist, the sound healer, the model, the mystery, the fool. 
Enjoys a good dark roast and makes a mean latte.




Connor has 4 years of experience making delicious Coffee drinks. His creativity spans far beyond the counter as he is making a name for himself within the band Leland Blue. He loves dangly earrings and gets a #13 at west side deli every day :)




A man of deep mystery.




Kimmy (Kimberlynn) Burk is from Jackson, MI. Studies biomedical science at Grand valley state university. Loves a good oat milk miel or a Colombian batch brew with cream and sugar 🙂 Between school and work she spends her time with her friends and taking care of her plants.


Stella Rose

Chief Designer

Stella is currently living in beautiful & sunny Granada, Spain with her husband Noah, where she spends her days exploring the Spanish language, culture, and landscape; deepening her relationship to jazz singing and songwriting, and coming more and more into her understanding of what it is to be a live and conscious being amongst other live and conscious beings.  
Loves oatmilk cappuccinos with a bit of raw sugar on top, speaking in made-up accents, and exploring the abundance of beauty that this world has to offer. 

Find Us

We are located inside the Bridge Street Market, which is a great place to find basic and specialty items. Covered parking is free for an hour in the ramp attached to the Market, which is accessible off Seward Ave.


Mon - Sat: 7am to 5pmSunday: 7am - 3pmOur holiday hours are the same as Bridge Street Market's.