Fun Facts

Know Your Roasts

The perfect roast is a personal choice that is sometimes influenced by national preference or geographic location. Roasts fall into three main categories — light, medium, and dark. 

Light Roasts

Light brown in color, this roast is generally preferred for milder coffee varieties. There is no oil on the surface of these beans because they are not roasted long enough for the oils to break through to the surface.

Medium Roasts

Medium brown in color with a stronger flavor and a non-oily or slightly oily surface. It’s generally preferred in the United States.

Dark Roasts

This roast produces shiny black beans with an oily surface and a pronounced bitterness. The darker the roast, the less acidity will be found in the coffee beverage.

Fun Facts About Coffee

There are two main categories of coffee: Robusta and Arabica. Robusta coffee has a more acidic and harsh flavor with a higher level of caffeine. Arabica is known for its delicate flavor and lower acidity.
Regularly drinking coffee may have health benefits such as reduced risk of illnesses like cancer, heart disease and Alzheimer's.
Finland consumes the most coffee in the world.
Coffee beans are only called 'beans' because of the resemblance - they’re actually berries.
The majority of coffee is produced in Brazil, which produces 40% of the world's coffee.

Fun Facts About Tea

Tea can reduce your stress - according to the University College of London black tea reduces the stress hormones in our bodies
There are over 3,000 types of tea in the world - making it the 2nd most consumed beverage internationally behind water
Turkish people consume the most tea - Turks consume an average of almost seven pounds of tea per person annually. In comparison, the world’s second-biggest tea drinkers, the Irish, consume less than five pounds per person a year. To keep up with their insatiable demand for tea, Turkey grows one-fifth of the world’s supply. 
Different varieties of teas need to be brewed at different temperatures for different amounts of time. Herbal and black teas need to be heated for several minutes at high temperatures while green and white teas need to be handled a little more delicately and steeped at lower temperatures.


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